Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Are digital photographs too plentiful to be meaningful?

Today everyone has a camera in their pocket that they carry around with them everyday. These cameras built into our cell phones are more powerful and can take better pictures than many professional cameras from years ago.

Since everyone has these capabilities built into their devices "everyone is a photographer". You could have someone use their iPhone and take a picture that looks identical to something a professional photographer can take on their multiple thousand dollar camera.

This is making digital photography less meaningful because everyone can do it. A true photographer cares about the art and knows the proper way of setting the scene and manipulating lighting. They can also then edit them in photography programs instead of just on instagram and what not.

I do enjoy seeing the things that my friends and family post on social media that they obviously take with their cell phones. I think the accessibility of cameras is a double edged sword. It allows people to share things they could never have shared in the past.

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